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Fund Raising has never been so easy when done through low cost credit card processing. We have developed a great method that will allow your group or organization to refer their members and friends that own businesses to us for their credit card processing services. We guarantee that we will save your members money on their merchant account. Once they start processing credit cards, we will send you a donation for 10% of the net profits we make from their credit card processing.

Easy Sign Up:

  • We "register" your organization.
  • We assign your organization an ID.
  • You refer all business owners in your membership to us.
  • We work with each business owner individually, providing them with a savings analysis, and price quote.
  • They sign up for our merchant services, and begin credit card processing through us.
  • We send you a check for 10% of the profit we made off of each member's credit card processing.
  • You can also refer other groups to us and get a bonus on all business owners they refer. Ask for details.
  • This is a true WIN/WIN situation.

Register your group today!

Business Owners

We have developed a great method for your business to save money and at the same time help your organization raise funds.

We offer a full range of payment processing solutions.  We work with large, small, retail, service, internet, mobile, new, and existing businesses with their payment processing needs.

We WILL save you money on your credit card processing fees, and at the same time you will be helping your organization.

In addition to credit card processing, we also offers full range of business solutions as well as payment processing services, such as:  check guarantee, check conversion, gift cards, merchant advance funding, and much more.

Sign up today or contact us to learn more about our products and services.




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