Get approved now for the working capital your business needs today!

We advance you funds against the merchantís future credit card receipts. A mutually agreed-upon percentage is taken of the daily merchantís Visa/MasterCard receipts until full repayment.

Amount of advance varies from $7,500-$150,000 and is based on the average of merchantís last 4 months Visa/MasterCard statements.

It takes approximately 7 months to payback the advance. The payback period is not fixed because itís based on the merchantís actual Visa/MasterCard receipts. Therefore the actual payback will be a little longer or shorter, then the projected 7 months, but we only collect the mutually agreed fixed percentage of your daily Visa/MasterCard receipts until the entire agreed amount is paid back.

In order for us to receive payment though the credit card company, the merchant will have to switch to one of our approved credit card processing networks. The merchant does not have to be concerned because their rates will be matched with their current credit card processor. There is not any extra equipment to purchase but only a reprogramming of your existing equipment.

We are a factor and not a bank, therefore, there is no interest rate. There are also no requirement of collateral, financials, tax returns, etc.

We can fund the merchant within 5- 7 business days.

We will send out monthly statements to the merchants recapping all monies paid in the previous month and also the end of month balance. The merchant can also go online for a daily balances and the monthís activity.

  • No Personal Guarantees for repayment
  • No Liens Or Collateral
  • No Fixed Payment Schedule
  • No Business Use Restrictions
  • 92% merchants are Approved/Funded in 10 days
  • Apply In Less Than 3 Minutes
  • No Complicated Paperwork

Qualified merchant needs to have:

  • An average of at least $7,500 in monthly VISA/Mastercard sales. We will need at least four (4) months of VISA/MasterCard statements to review and determine the funded amount.
  • Provide at least three trade references.
  • Supply landlord information to verify that merchant is current on the rent and has at least one year remaining on the lease.

Simple Application

  • Complete our application and fax your last four months of Visa/MasterCard statements to EVO Merchant Solutions
  • Application is free

How do we determine the amount of funding a merchant will qualify for?

We will need at least four months of Visa/MasterCard statements to review and determine the monthly average and our funded amount will be determined based on that average. If the merchant is a seasonable business or has large variances in the 4 months of credit card volume, we require additional historical credit card statements.

How quickly can a merchant get funded?

We will fund a merchant 5-7 business days from receipt of a signed contract.

Is this considered a loan?

W are not a lender! We purchase your businessís future credit card receivables at a discount. In addition we donĎt have a fixed term or periodic amount for repayment or an interest rate.

What happens if the credit card sales increase or decrease after the merchant is funded?

Since our funding product isnít a loan we donĎt have a fixed term of repayment. After the merchant is funded their daily Visa/MasterCard sales will be split-fund according to a mutually agreed-upon percentage. We therefore only collect based on the merchants actual credit card sales.

What can I use the funds for?

Unlike a bank we have no restrictions on the merchantís use of funds. The funds can be used for renovations, equipment purchases, purchasing of inventory, advertising campaigns, etc. We will fund whatever the merchants needs are from expansion to buying out a partner. We are there for all the merchants funding needs.




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